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About Us

The New England Artisans' Gathering is an Etsy team of more then 150 artists and artisans from all over New England. We are an ecclectic group featuring traditional artists working in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and graphite, mixed-media artists, digital artists,  sculptors, metal workers, glass blowers, woodcarvers, leathersmiths,  jewelry makers, weavers, knitters, seamstresses, papercutters, doll makers, soap and cosmetic makers, upcyclers, photographers, and more.

Many of our members' work reflects our love for New England. There is something magical about this region where all four seasons decend on us with a passion. From the wonderlands of winter, to the life-bursting springs, sultry summers, and of course, the glorious Autumns ablaze in color... From the woodlands of Maine through the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire, the valleys of Connecticut, the shores of Rhode Island, and the historic sites of Massachusetts, there is an essence of  wonder,
and a strength in the roots of our heritage.
 It's no wonder that the inspiration is endless when surrounded
by the beauty and history of New England

There is something for everyone among our offerings. There are high end art, woven, and jewelry pieces, as well as affordable smaller pieces and artwork prints. Some creations are serene and solemn. Others are whimsical and colorful. From the useful household items to the purely decorative pieces, each is handmade with attention to detail, and reflecting the heart of the New England artisan who created it.

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