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Friday, October 28, 2011

The First Snowfall

"The First Snowfall"

Last night, many of us had our first New England snowfall!!! It's always a magical event. Children run to press their noses against the window panes to get a glimpse of those first precious flakes, suddenly cravings for hot cocoa abound, and parents scurry to retrieve shovels from their summer hiding places. Boots? Check. Scarves? Check. Mittens? Check. Now, where oh, where did I put those tickets to Florida? ;) Just kidding. There's nothing like that "first snowfall".

And Andra's Whimsies captures that magical moment beautifully in this mixed-media painting. Click on the image to visit the listing, and check out all of her wonderful mixed-media pieces, as well as her lovely artisan jewelry.
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