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Friday, February 3, 2017

A Splash of Summer with Gypsy's Best Friends

Here we are at the end of January's long bleak stretch. It was mild to be sure, as New England January's go. But we are all too aware that the worst of winter could still visit yet. Still... the grays are losing their charm, and we begin to long for the warmth of the sun, the call of the gulls, and the sweet scents of New England meadows.

I searched through our New England Artisans Gathering team shops to get just that splash of summer so desperately needed to get us through the rest of winter. A reminder of what is to come, like a strong dose of vitamin c for the heart and soul.

Gyspy's Best Friends is the perfect shop to stop by and replenish the vivid summer spirit so needed on these days of faded colors and bitter winds. Every piece of jewelry is inspiring and uplifting.  The splash of color... the detailed and poetic description of each aptly named necklace, bracelet, or earring set... PERFECTION!

Here are just a few examples of the exquisite offerings from Gypsy's Best Friends.
My Heart Belongs to Summer

Breeze Drifting

Chelsea Morning

Foreshore Wampum Shell 

Ripples on the Water

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Deanna Barrus
is the owner and operator of
Gypsy's Best Friends
She resides in Charlestown, RI

Here are her own words about Gypsy Best Friends...

Nature, history, artistry, expressionism... Gypsy's Best Friends was formed out of a deep love for these. 

A strong and expanding interest in ancient wearable art and techniques has been the driving force behind my creations. Weaving, knotting, beading... those who have come before have left behind these gifts. 

My personal aesthetic- Neoteric. Unconventional. Far out. Wild. Boss.

Combine the ancient with the ultramodern... Gypsy's Best Friends. As she wanders the world, the Gypsy gathers the most stirring, awakening, provoking images. She saves these moments and weaves each strand into her art. 

Each piece from Gypsy's Best Friends is hand crafted, one tiny bead/ stone/ knot at a time. All colors chosen by nature, all with a meaning, a purpose- gemstones with powerful properties to ease and inspire each day.

Embellish. Grace. Adorn. Bedeck.

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Gypsy's Best Friends 

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New England Artisans Gathering team is proud to have such fine artisans who make the world a better, brighter place through their positive and empowering artistic expressions. 

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